Aerial Spraying


Insect Control


Dry Application

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Precision Application

Our planes are equipped with Global Positioning and Global Information Systems as well as precisely calibrated spray equipment to ensure that crops are being sprayed effectively and safely. Precision application equipment allows for less crop protection product application over more acres, and reduced drifting of product, in contrast with older aerial application systems. The typical aerial applicator used to be a by-plane or a plane leftover from World War II that was updated to spray, but now companies specialize in engineering and manufacturing hi-tech aerial applicators like the planes we fly.

Increased Yield

Aerial application reduces compaction and erosion of the soil because the crop protection products are being applied without disturbing or running over the soil. There is no damage to the crop in the field because it is being treated from above instead of within. Also, an aerial applicator can cover more acres in an hour than ground equipment (like self-propelled sprayers) can cover in an entire day. This has great advantages because timing of application is crucial to success .

Cover Crop Seeding

A cover crop will increase soil quality by improving the biological, chemical, and physical soil properties. As a “trap crop”, a cover crop will store nutrients from manure, mineralized organic nitrogen or underutilized fertilizer until the following years' crop can utilize them, reducing nutrient runoff and leaching.